Privacy policy of WIDNET Solutions LLC Skopje

Caring for users and their privacy is a priority at WIDNET Solutions LLC Skopje, N.Macedonia (hereinafter referred to as: WIDNET). 

This policy explains the types of information we may collect and retain during a visit to the website, and the WIDNET HR Portal, and how that information is used and with whom the data is shared. It also sets out how you can contact us if you have questions or concerns about this information. 

Information collected by WIDNET when visiting the website and WIDNET HR Portal:

Information by which you identify yourself when using the products and services of WIDNET and the WIDNET HR Portal, that is, data that you yourself submit to us and agree to process, for example, when using the WIDNET HR Portal.

 Information that is not personal. Data about the content you view and handle and which relates to the Internet browser software, which content you click on, which products and services you visit, the type of computer, as well as technical information about the connection that the user uses when visiting the web site, such as the operating system and the internet service provider, etc. 

The service, product or server records, which contain technical information about your use of the service, product or website, such as your IP address, domain, device or application settings, errors and hardware activity. 

Information with the physical location of your device.

How WIDNET uses the collected data

WIDNET may use the information it collects for several reasons, namely: 

                To provide you with the requested service or product, thereby identifying you; 
                To provide care for users; 
                To ask you for your opinion regarding the products and services of WIDNET and to regarding the products and                                services; 
                To facilitate and forward your searches and requests for information when you call us regarding WIDNET and our                          products and services; 
                To implement promotional offers; 
                To consider the possibility of your employment if you contact us through the website and apply for a job at WIDNET;                      Help with complaints or problems with the use of products and services.

Additionally collected data is used for:

                To create anonymous, aggregated statistics about the use of our website, products, services; 
                To improve existing and create new products and services, recommendations, advertisements and other communications;
                For customer support in case of a problem when using the products and the services.

Information sharing 
WIDNET does not disclose your personal data to third parties without your consent. Personal data may only be disclosed in accordance with law. 

International Transfers of Your Information 
In accordance with the applicable regulations, and based on your order/consent when using the products and services of WIDNET, your information may be transferred to other countries in certain situations. 

Advertising communications 
When concluding a business relationship with WIDNET for the use of products and services, you are offered the opportunity to choose whether you want to receive various notifications and other communications via mail, e-mail messages, telephone and/or text messages (SMS) from WIDNET. These communications may contain, for example, information about the latest products and services from WIDNET. 

You may opt out of receiving advertising material and notifications from WIDNET at any time, by submitting a written Statement to WIDNET. 

Please note that from time to time we may send you important information about the WIDNET products and services that you use or have used. These notifications do not fall under advertising communications. 

What we do to protect your information 

WIDNET takes all prescribed technical and organizational measures to protect personal data, to prevent unauthorized access and their abuse. Our security procedures are subject to regular controls and reflect the latest technological developments in this area. 

What you should do to protect your information 

As a general Internet best practice, we recommend that you:
                Do not use easy passwords (such as single words from a dictionary);
                Do not use the same password for multiple accounts;
                Use long passwords (at least 8 characters, but longer ones are recommended);
                Use passwords that contain a combination of upper and lower case letters, numbers and special characters, e.g. $, %,                   ^, & etc.;
                Keep passwords in a safe place (never write them down or share them with anyone) and change them regularly.

Access to Your Information and Your Rights 
If you want to know which categories of your personal data are being processed by WIDNET, for which purpose or to request the stopping or suspension of the processing, please contact WIDNET. 

If you want to amend, supplement, delete or update all incorrect personal data, you can also contact WIDNET in person or do it via e-mail. 

If you believe that we have not acted in accordance with your legal rights or the applicable privacy laws during the processing, you can contact the Personal Data Protection Officer at WIDNET via 

"Cookies" and "web bugs" 

WIDNET uses technologies that are widespread in the industry to collect the information regarding the use of our website and e-mail communications, known as "cookies" and "web bugs". For example, these technologies tell us which users have clicked on important elements (such as links or graphics) of the website or WIDNET e-mail messages and recognize the browser the next time you visit our website. 

The use of these technologies is done exclusively in order to improve the user experience and functionality of the WIDNET 
portal and the WIDNET website. 

Acceptance of Terms By using this website, you agree to, that is, accept the provisions of the Privacy Policy of​ WIDNET Solutions LLC Skopje. If you do not agree with it, please do not use our website.

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